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Drive Birds Away with Pulsing Strobe Explosions with the New Bird-X BIRD-LITE

The all-new MULTI-COLOR Stroboscopic BIRD-LITE from Bird-X chases birds off your property and keeps them away.

BIRD-LITE sends out intimidating, intense white, red, blue and amber light at 75 flashes per minute. One-million-candlepower light pulses (and the frightening shadows they create) at this frequency are intolerable and disorienting to birds, causing them to fly away from the source of annoyance. When installed at heights where

pest birds normally roost and nest BIRD-LITE is barely noticeable to workers at ground level.Cover up to 10,000 sq.ft. per BIRD-LITE in factories, warehouses, hangars, granaries or any large, dark or dimly-lit area where birds create a nuisance. Join hundreds of America's best known firms who have solved their indoor bird problems easily and economically with the BIRD-X BIRD-LITE.

HEIGHT - 7 1/2"
SHIP. WT.- 5 lbs.

105-125vAC Model #BSL $175.00
Add $20. for 220 volt model #BSL-220





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