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Prevent roosting with BIRD-PROOF GEL or LIQUID

Keep birds off their normal roosting areas with an application of Bird-Proof Gel or Liquid a sure-fire, non-toxic, non-lethal bird repellent from Bird-X. Harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry and ornamental metals, Bird-Proof can protect your property from messy bird deposits for a full year or longer with one thorough application.

Bird-Proof works in any weather, indoors or outdoors, literally anywhere: on water tanks, trees, shrubbery, shipping docks and railroad sidings, yards, parking lots, etc.

With one application of Bird-Proof you'll drive off the birds that are infesting your premises now and prevent new birds from taking over.

For best results drop a cartridge of Bird-Proof Gel in a standard 10" caulking gun and apply to ledges, windowsills, gutters, cornices, ornamental copings and protruding beams-any surface where birds roost or perch Bird-Proof Liquid Spray. For trees, bushes, shrubbery and most broad surfaces that would make cartridge application impractical, spray on Bird-Proof Liquid Spray. Keep birds away from parking facilities, trees, bushes, shrubbery and most broad surface areas with Bird-Proof.

Although it is non-toxic and non-lethal, its "feel" is extremely irritating to roosting birds. Bird-Proof protects your property for one year or longer with just one thorough application.

In any weather, on almost any outdoor surface, you can protect your property from the annoyance, mess, and continuous clean-up that pest birds bring. It's the easiest way to bird-proof open or recessed areas and hide-away corners.

Bird-Proof is environmentally sound and can be applied with either a power sprayer or a hand sprayer with a discharge pressure of more than 40 psi. One gallon covers up to 120 square feet of surface or an average tree with a five inch diameter trunk.

Clean up your property Now with Bird-Proof Liquid Spray!

Bird-Proof Gel $95.00 Case of Twelve 10.5 oz. cartridges treats 120 linear feet. Shipping Weight 10 lbs.
Liquid Spray $39.00 Gallon Container Shipping wt. 10 lbs. $185.00 5 Gallon Pail Shipping wt. 40 lbs.





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