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Nuisance geese?

No problem with GooseChase

Pest Control For Birds

Geese are stubborn, territorial, and aggressive. They destroy your property, create unsightly conditions and cause significant economic losses. They love freshly-mown grass and crystal clear lakes at golf courses, parks, resorts, corporate landscapes and luxury residential complexes. Your property provides these once-migratory flocks with a permanent home: ideal feeding, nesting and drinking areas! Forget plastic swans and loud banging machines. Until GooseChase, nothing would persuade them to leave.

What is GooseChase?

It's a safe, non-toxic taste aversion agent, made from a bitter tasting, smelly part of concord grapes (active ingredient methyl anthranilate). It renders food sources unpalatable and inedible to geese.

How does it work?

Geese leave treated areas for better food sources. The effectiveness is long-term, as geese cannot habituate to the taste.

Is it environmentally safe?


• EPA "reduced risk"
• Biodegradable
• USDA development assistance
• Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
• Alternative to lethal methods

How do I apply it?

Mix with water (59:1, initial application 30:1), spray onto dry grass, let dry 3-4 hours. One gallon of product (60 gallons of mixture) per acre. Reapply every 7-14 days or after mowing.

How much does it cost?

One gallon is only $95.00





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