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Mounts in any direction to send sound where you need it. Four Piezo ceramic speakers project powerful ultrasonic sound waves in all directions. Made with advanced solid-state circuitry, with no moving parts, for trouble free operation. Two red diodes indicate rate of "warble" and speaker sequencing.

Contemporary low-profile housing of sturdy, durable steel. Four green LEDs show each speaker's sound output. Stop annoying

birds from causing property damage and costing you maintenance dollars. Eliminate dangerous health and safety hazards. Rid your premises of unsightly bird droppings. Avoid persistent bird nuisance.

BIRD-X introduces QB-4, the newest, most powerful ultrasonic weapon ever available in the war against pest birds. The QB-4's four Piezo ceramic speakers emit overlapping patterns of ultrasonic sound waves that zero in on the birds (but people can't even hear them). Mount the QB-4 in any direction - on any surface. Just plug it into any 110vAC outlet and watch your bird problems fly away.

The new BIRD-X QB-4 uses solid-state electronic circuitry to produce harsh, but harmless, UHF sound waves. These sound waves are targeted at overhead bird infestations. Their frequencies are above the human hearing range, so most people are not even aware of them. Four powerful Piezo ceramic speakers, placed 90 degrees from each other, produce a dispersion of overlapping "fans" of sound for full 360 degrees coverage. The QB-4 may be regulated to maximize effectiveness. Speakers may function at a constant 20 kHz, modulate between 20 and 30 kHz at different speeds (producing a "warble") or in a combination mode which alternates constant and "warble" output in 12 second bursts. The speakers can also be "sequenced" (in rotating order) at speeds from 10 to 110 rpm.The QB-4 plugs into any convenient 110 vAC outlet and uses less current than a 10 watt bulb, costing only pennies a day to operate. Harmless to birds and ecologically safe!

The irritating sound waves produced by the QB-4 will not harm birds, but will attack them aggressively in any enclosed or semi-enclosed areas where they roost. The adjustable variations in pitch and sequencing make it difficult for the birds to acclimate to any constant sound pattern. Install QB-4 wherever birds infest.

QB-4 is designed to act as an important aid in routing birds from their infestations in plants, warehouses and semi-enclosed locations such a loading docks, railroad sidings, tunnels, breezeways, underpasses and storage sheds. Installation couldn't be easier. There's no "top" or "bottom" to the unit, so it can be mounted in any direction - on any plane - with screws, nails, wires or adhesives.

QB-4 has been developed by BIRD-X, the worldwide leader in bird repellent products and systems.

How much does it cost?                                                                                 

$475.00 per unit; 4 to 11 $450.00 per unit; 12 or more $425.00 per unit






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