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B-X Safety Solvent Cleaner NEW - From BIRD-X


Revolutionary new solvent safely cleans and removes BIRD-PROOF (Non-Toxic Chemical Roosting Inhibitor) Repellent and other difficult materials instantly from metal, wood, ceramic, masonry and most painted and other sealed surfaces. Works equally well on other bird repellents.

• Non-Flammable
• Economical
• Water-Soluble
• Colorless
• Non-Foaming
• Ready-To-Use
• Slow Evaporating
• Neutral pH
• Free from Chlorinated Solvents
• Free from Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons
• Harmless to Clothing, Fabric & Carpeting

B-X SAFETY SOLVENT is a unique cleaner of exceptional dissolving power. It is faster and easier to use than traditional solvents as it effectively "solubilizes" the bird repellent material for clean and easy rinsing with water.

B-X SAFETY SOLVENT quickly cleans bird repellent application equipment after each use.

B-X SAFETY SOLVENT is an excellent degreaser; it cleans tools, benches, equipment, clothing and most surfaces. It is effective on a wide variety of previously difficult-to-remove materials and residues, including:

• Tar
• Oil
• Grease
• Ski Wax
• Magazine Print
• Gum
• Solar Film
• Decals
• Contact Cement
• Spray Adhesive
• Ink
• Bathtub Decals

• Crazy Glue
• Adhesive
• Labels
• Stickers
• Crayon
• Dried Caulk
• Non-Skid Treads
• Velcro
• Tape
• Rodent and Insect Glue Traps
• Hot Melt Glue
• Screen Print

B-X SAFETY SOLVENT may be applied by pouring, wiping, mopping, brushing or pressure cleaning. Heavy repellent buildup should first be removed with a putty knife or paint scraper; the residue can then be removed by applying B-X SAFETY SOLVENT cleaner with a brass brush and washing away with water. As an alternate method, the entire area should be saturated with the cleaner; after 30 minutes, the dissolved repellent can be rinsed away with water.


ONLY 8 oz. (Trial Size) $15.00
Quart $27.50
Gallon $80.00




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