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Now, From the Pest Control "X-Perts"... Repel DOGS, CATS, DEER and more with... YardGard Electronic Yard Protector

Pest Control Service

Advanced ultrasonic sound generator repels dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, raccoon, opossum, skunks, some rodents and other animals from yards, gardens, porches, buildings and greenhouses, for up to 4,000 square feet. YardGard solves pest animal problems silently, humanely and effectively.

How It Works
Based on hearing research, YardGard produces powerful ultrasonic tones that annoy unwanted animals. Sounds are so unbearable and loud to dogs, cats and other territorial creatures (but most humans can't even hear them) that the pests modify their habitual routes and avoid the YardGard zone. YardGard's specific sound pitches and patterns are constantly changing so that pests cannot grow accustomed to any constant sound environment. Keep messy dogs off your lawn -- Protect the fruits of your labor from digging or hungry animals -- Save birds from depredation by cats -- many other uses!

YardGard Specifications
Frequency: 15,000 - 26,000 Hz. (3 adjustable levels)
Sound Pressure: 114 dB @ 3 feet
Coverage: To 4,000 ft2 of open lawn; 2,000 ft2 of lightly foliaged garden
Sound Power: 3.2 watts
Unit Construction: Steel-cased, weather resistant, solid state, conformal coated electronic components (for oxidation and moisture protection)

Coverage and Placement
At its strongest setting, YardGard covers an oval area approximately 50 feet wide by 80 feet long - about the size of a city lot. Buildings and shrubs may block the sounds. Aim the YardGard at the infested area, at the level of the animals to be repelled. For lawns and areas with low shrubbery, place the unit one to three feet above the ground. For areas with heavy foliage, place the unit five to eight feet above the ground, aiming it slightly downward.

YardGard complete includes unit, mounting bracket, 110vAC power adapter and heavy duty vinyl rain cover. Optional 25 or 50 foot extension cord, 220vAC adapter, battery adapter cord, solar power panel or motion sensor available.

YardGard complete $125
4 or more, $110






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