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This is your site for do it yourself professional pest control guided help    

Guided by a family company with over 100 years combined experience in the pest control industry, the Newberry family has constructed this site to assist you in  identification for pests such as, (Cockroaches,Ants, Termites, Birds,Squirrels etc). Helping you choose the right pest control tools, procedures, and products to treat different pests in a safe manner is our goal. 

    The convenience of our cyber pest control site is, "YOU" get unsurpassed technical help from people who have been performing insect identification and elimination for years. If you have trouble identifying pests on the site you can email us or call our toll free number. Sorry we can no longer sell products but conflicting state laws and environmentalist organizations have made it impossible.

You can buy our non chemical bird control products & devices though if you wish.

      So welcome to (Iowa Illinois Termite & Pest Control and Florida State Termite & Pest Controls help for do it yourselfers) and choose one of the pest categories to the left and above to determine the kind of pest you have and also the method and product you need to treat it. (Or Call us, Fax us, email us at the listings below)

 Joe Newberry Sr. speciallist for over 40 years                                                      

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Bird Deterrent Products

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Repel Birds!    Solve any type of bird problem: pigeons, geese, gulls, and more!
All products are environmentally safe and harmless to birds.

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